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A racehorse ownership syndicate allows a group of friends, family or colleagues to enjoy the thrill of owning a racehorse together. 

Racehorse Ownership Syndicates can range in size from three members to 10 members.

With such a number of shares involved in one horse, it greatly reduces the cost per syndicate member of having a horse in training.

Best Irish Racehorse Syndicates

From our research here is the best irish racehorse syndicates:

  1. Dooley Thoroughbreds
  2. Shamrock Thoroughbreds
  3. Ado McGuinness Syndicate
  4. Pioneer Racing
  5. Ste Thorne Racing Syndicate
  6. Royal Racing Club

Affordable Shares Owning A Racehorse

Dooley Thoroughbreds Ireland aims to provide affordable racehorse ownership in association with leading Trainer Adrain McGuinness Racing.

The aim is providing a forward-thinking and comprehensive ownership experience to individuals that want to get involved in this horse racing sport.

Cheaper shares are available for lower grade handicappers and more members who join the syndicate.

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